Currency Exchange

Moving abroad, buying a property ?

Currency market volatility could interfere with your plans.

We help our clients get more for their money and protect against volatility so they can focus on their property purchase or sale.

Why a currency exchange company?

For clients looking to make a payment quickly, but are looking for the most competitive rate, avoiding extra bank charges.

Because you will have options, if your requirements are complex and you need a custom solution

Personal assistance with currency experts you can trust.


 Reduce client transaction costs

Great rates and protection against market fluctuations.

Fast, Easy, Secure

Partnership with the experts 

We are delighted to recommend the services of Hawk FX Currency exchange experts.

Because buying a overseas property has to be fast, easy and save you cost.

We know that overseas transfers require a company you can trust, that save you money, avoid extra waist of time and genuine guidance.

HAWK FX will guide you for overseas purchase, sale, mortgage payments or pension, they have the solution for you.


Our team Is ready to guide you though the process, contact us!